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1-day UK and Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Meetings:  Criteria for hosting the event

The below sets out some simple guidelines for hosting the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Meetings.

  1. The host organisation takes on full responsibility for organising the meeting. The Society’s Management Committee is there to advise and support.
  2. The host organisation must secure a suitable venue for the event. The venue should provide:
    • Capacity for around 50 to 120 delegates;
    • A suitable area for oral presentations;
    • A suitable area for poster presentations (if providing); and
    • Good links to mainline railway stations (if possible).
    • The possibility of remote participation using audio-visual technology.
  3. Registration fees should be set to cover costs and kept as low as possible. In the past, registration fees have typically been around £50 to £80.  A budget showing the break-even number should be prepared.
  4. To encourage Students / Early Career Researchers (< 4 years in full time research) we would like the event to offer poster / oral presentation prize (s).
  5. Sponsorship could be considered if there are concerns about the ability to attract the break-even number.
  6. If sponsorship is to be used, then please discuss with the Management Committee who will confirm the suitability of the sponsor.
  7. Submitted abstracts should be structured to be accepted, ideally following the STROBE checklist (https://www.strobe-statement.org/fileadmin/Strobe/uploads/checklists/STROBE_checklist_conference_abstract_DRAFT.pdf)
  8. Abstracts will be scored by the Scientific Committee according to objective agreed criteria based on scientific quality
  9. Conflict of interest declaration should be requested at the abstract submission
  10. Permission to publish the abstract and/or slides should be asked to any accepted presenter

Previous UK/Ireland 1-day meetings on occupational and environmental epidemiology.

Meeting 16, 2023 (May 5), Dublin (hybrid)

Keynote speakers: To be decided.

Meeting 15, 2022, Didcot (hybrid)

Keynote speakers: Manolis Kogevinas, Vahé Nafilyan

Meeting 14, 2021, Leicester (virtual)

Keynote speakers: Paul Wilkinson, Martie van Tongeren

Meeting 13, 2020, Bristol
Keynote speakers: Joachim Schüz, Andy Boyd, Deborah Lawlor

Meeting 12, 2019, Edinburgh
Keynote speakers: Roel Vermeulen, Mark Miller

Meeting 11, 2018, London
Keynote speakers: Joel Schwartz, Cathie Sudlow, Bruce Lamphear

Meeting 10, 2016, Buxton
Keynote speakers: Leslie Stayner, Paul Wilkinson, Kate Jones

Meeting 9, 2015, Oxford 
Keynote speakers: John Buckley, Jean Golding, Sari Kovats

Meeting 8, 2014, London
Keynote speakers: Robie Kamanyire, Ruth Travis, Martie van Tongeren

Meeting 7, 2013, Edinburgh
Keynote speakers: Harry Shannon and Neil Pearce

Meeting 6, 2012, London
Keynote speakers: Raymond Agius and Paolo Vineis

Meeting 5, 2010, Manchester
Keynote speakers: tbc

Meeting 4, 2008, London
Keynote speakers: tbc

Meeting 3, 2007, London
Keynote speakers: tbc

Meeting 2, 2006, London
Keynote speakers: David Coggon, Lesley Rushton, Bert Brunekreef, Fintan Hurley, Ben Armstrong

Meeting 1, 2005, London
Keynote speakers: Paolo Vineis, Anna Hansell, Stephen Palmer, Matthew Hotopf